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Individual | Couples | Family

Session length: 50 minutes.

Fees vary. Sliding scale available commensurate to client need.

I am an out-of-network provider.

Connect with me (below) to schedule a free phone consultation.

If you're here, you probably have a general idea about what psychotherapy is and therefore don't need another definition. (If I'm mistaken, you can refer to this explanation given by the American Psychological Association.) Instead, I'll briefly outline my personal approach.

Why seek therapy?


Some people want nothing more than to be (and feel) heard.

Providing an environment of safety, non-judgment, and true freedom of expression are of utmost importance to me for our time together, whether that time lasts for one meeting or throughout many sessions.

Others desire change.

The universal suffering (which none of us are immune to, by the way) that prompts us to seek change may manifest individually on a very wide spectrum of intensities and appearances.


That being said, there's no one-size-fits-all approach to self-work. As such, the client's needs may vary from season to season, session to session, or several times within the session! 

Change is not only possible, it's inevitable.

It all depends on the client's needs, whether the most fitting approach involves short-term treatment (typically 12-16 sessions), longer, more traditional therapy, or sporadic treatment on an as-needed basis.

Some are searching for Insight.


Every relationship is unique, and the therapeutic relationship between therapist and client is no different. There is, though, a link between insight and a therapeutic relationship with trust and rapport at its helm. 

What should I bring to our session?


In order to effect true and lasting change, it is suggested that the client simply bring a sense of open-mindedness and their most honest and authentic self.

What kind of  therapy do you offer?


There are very many different approaches to therapy.

It is my fervent belief that every single human being holds the tools necessary for recognizing, accessing, embracing, and sharing the constant peace that is already within and that we are all, at the very core, seeking. 


I gravitate towards interventions rooted in a mix of strengths-based, solution-focused, trauma-focused and humanistic practices, often incorporating somatic and mindfulness-based practices, as well as, of course, the option of art therapy or sensorimotor psychotherapy. It may seem trite to mention, but it's important to express that I am welcoming of all cultures, backgrounds, religions, and gender and sexual orientations.


Though I am continually working to broaden my capacity to help through continual study and training, my ultimate priority is allowing the client to take the lead if they so desire, regardless of modality, allowing me to walk along the path with them as a steady, open-minded witness. 

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