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AWBW Feature - "Facing Imposter Syndrome"

Have you ever watched To Catch a Thief? John “The Cat” Robie, a retired jewel thief played by a suave and deeply tanned Cary Grant, evades authorities who think he’s come out of retirement, while trying to capture the actual burglar who has begun copying his old methods.

Up until quite recently, when I’d think of the word imposter, I’d think of this movie, among others — wherein the characters’ main dishes of intentionally deceiving others were portrayed with sides of glamour, intrigue, and far-off travel.

These days, however, the idea of being an imposter is anything but glamorous or intriguing. Now, being an imposter fills us with the anxiety and fear that we will be found out for what we try so hard to be but feel we are not, despite our best efforts or years of education and experience...

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