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AWBW Feature - The Imposter Is Just A Part: How To Listen To It And Find Peace

Imposter syndrome can feel like the collage above – like I’m falling past mismatched prints and trying to grab onto any one that might “match” that very second. Even now, there is an imposter part inside of me that tells me I can’t write anything useful. It blocks me. Or tries to, at least.

I’ve written about imposter syndrome before, and right now, I’m not sure that it’s a syndrome (i.e., a set of symptoms), as much as it is the imposter part inside of me throwing a tantrum, getting loud and begging for my attention. It says that I should already be beyond the finish line, that I should have everything figured out.

The imposter has something to say in almost everything I do: when I’m in sessions with clients, when I’m making art or taking photos, and of course, when I’m writing.

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