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AWBW Feature - Letting the Light In: How to Work and Play with Your Shadow

When I was younger, and forced to believe things I somehow knew weren’t true, those things I was forced to believe would have me think of shadow work as something evil, as though I were dancing with the devil or engaging in witchcraft. Of course, now I know such things are quite the opposite of evil—they’re simply routes to our highest self. It’s all inner work. And all inner work is, truly, shadow work.

Our shadow is more than just our “bad” parts, it’s the part of ourselves that wants to be loved just as we are, without the need for perfection.

If the shadow is everything about us that we are scared others will see, that we’re scared to see ourselves, then shadow work is, in part, working with that which you are afraid of within yourself. Shadow work is turning to look at what you fear or are ashamed of. Chances are, you’ve worked or maybe even danced or played with your shadow.

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