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What To Bring To A Virtual Art Therapy Session

Now that you know what art therapy is, here's what you can bring to our virtual art therapy sessions to make the most out of our time together:

1. A Creative Spirit:

The most important thing you can bring to any art therapy session is an open and creative spirit. Let any self-doubt or judgment wait outside and allow yourself to freely explore the artistic process. Embrace your inner child and let your imagination run wild! Remember, there are no right or wrong ways to create art in therapy—only honest expressions.

2. Art Supplies:

To fully immerse yourself in the art-making experience, gather a selection of art supplies. Depending on your preferences, you might include colored pencils, watercolors, acrylic paints, pastels, charcoal, digital drawing tools, or even found objects. Having a variety of materials at your disposal will give you the freedom to experiment and find the medium that resonates with you best. I highly recommend old magazines for collage images, along with, of course, scissors and glue.

3. Sketchbook or Journal:

A sketchbook or journal is a wonderful companion for virtual art therapy sessions. It's a place where you can jot down your thoughts, feelings, and artistic ideas. Whether it's through writing or sketching, your sketchbook becomes a visual representation of your therapeutic journey.

Here's a non-exhaustive list of supplies with links:

- Watercolor sketchbook (doesn't just have to be for watercolor - I've used marker, collage, pencil, etc.)

Digital drawing tools:

Digital collage tools

*I may earn a commission from eligible purchases made through these links. Thank you for your support!

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